A Quick Introduction

We offer Firearms Training and Consulting. ( and a little fishing too )

We routinely run NRA and MCRGO certified education programs year round. If you are looking for an organized course in a friendly environment where you can learn then this is the place.

We welcome everyone from beginners to the most experienced. My view is that we can all learn something and I find I learn as much from the students as they learn from me.

We also are happy to have your group come in for some general fun time as part of an outing or team building afternoon. Feel free to contact me with thoughts. We do have some firearms for rent if needed.

Please feel free to also visit us on our Facebook page

Facebook page .

Our Philosophy

Everyone learns.....Even us.

We are proud to offer an environment of no pressure and family style fun. Everyone leaves their egos at the door, You will find that the surroundings and the people are just nice to be around.

Let us Show you what Family Friendly Firearms Training is all about

We invite you as Friends.
You leave as part of the Family


Strong Second Amendment Support

The Constitution is meant to Guide our government and Protect We The People from Tyranny.
The Bill of Rights is sound and should not be changed because at times its protections are uncomfortable. The Second Amendment protects the others and the others are just as much at risk. Therefore we are always watching and working to ensure that politicians do not degrade our protections based on a short lived political climate. .