What people have to say

Mike Yelsik

My wife and I took the CPL class at Uncle Jay’s Pond, LLC earlier this year. What a fantastic experience. The staff was welcoming and very friendly throughout the class. I work with law enforcement on a daily basis and Jay did a great job of explaining the ins and outs of the responsibilities of…

Leticia Garchow

I would highly recommend taking the course at Jay’s pond. Enjoyed the class , Instructor was great. Left there feeling confident.

Stefanie McDaniel

I took the class in January 2021. The class was VERY educational and well put on. Jay is a phenomenal teacher full of great information. The property and the range area is well suited for the best possible shooting. I would HIGHLY recommend this class and Jay too!

Tanya Yaggie Blehm

I was not sure what to expect for this class. But Jay made it most enjoyable and opportunity to learn a lot of information in a short time frame. The class was well organized and the food was awesome. The range part was not intimidating as I thought it would be. Jay and has helpers…

Cassie Freeman

I took this class with my friend and we had a great time. Very informative and all the information we learned was important to know. This class is great for both beginners and returning members. Overall, had a great experience!

Glenn Allen Hinds

Very informative lessons. I learned a lot of things, that I didn’t realize I needed to know. The instructors were very thorough. The class was fun , but very useful. Sign up now , you’ll be glad you did!

Don Suitor

I highly recommend Uncle Jay’s Pond for your CPL training regardless of your experience in handling firearms. From a beginner with no prior experience to a skilled professional you will enjoy the classroom and range experience. Jay has first class facilities and you will not only learn the latest laws concerning CPL but you’ll also…

Daniel Buchanan

My wife and I had a great time. Instructor was very knowledgeable. Safe environment

Melissa Soriteu

Best class I ever took. I learned so much, and Jay made it very interesting, and a lot of fun with his sense of humor. I was so nervous about the actual shooting . But soon got very comfortable with it. Safety, was above and beyond, which was part of my nervousness, and again the…

Ken Conley

He takes the time with you especially if you are afraid of guns and makes you feel comfortable handling a gun

Rj Suitor

I was 20 years law enforcement been quite a while participated in the firearms training to acquire my enhanced CPL refresher training at Uncle Jays Pond LLC it was fun, educational, safe, wonderful facilities the staff was outstanding. I highly recommend those who are new to firearms or needing a refresher to use these folks…

Brandon Menzel

Awesome experience. Jay is amazing and I felt like I was at home. Would recommend his courses to anyone and I hope to be back in the future!

Kellie Foulds

I can not say enough how much I loved this class!! I came out with so much knowledge and confidence in having a CPL. Jay was a great instructor who made it easy to learn! I highly recommend this class to anyone!